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Australian Curriculum

In 2021 students have the opportunity to undertake study using the Australian Curriculum in the areas of English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Economics, Civics and Citizenship, The Arts, Languages, Design and Digital Technologies and Health and Physical Education. In these Australian Curriculum subjects, they will be assessed on an A-E scale. States and territories have agreed to A–E reporting in these subjects which means there will be an A–E rating and descriptor on the school report to show achievement in each of the Australian Curriculum subjects.

Some subjects offered at Ogilvie High School are not assessed against the Australian Curriculum. These subjects will be assessed against our in-school framework. Students will receive a School based assessment on their progress. The subjects include:Journalism and Publishing, Writers’ Workshop, Action for Social Justice, Fitness for Life, Sports Pathways, Sport Science, Robotics and eTeam.

Curriculum Teams of Teachers

Each Curriculum Area has a Curriculum Area Leader, CAL, whose role is to co-ordinate development of scope and sequence documents and learning sequences, facilitate moderation of assessment and implement the Australian Curriculum using appropriate pedagogical practices. The CALs meet regularly with Miriam MacGregor, AST responsible for Curriculum, to discuss ways to improve in areas of curriculum, teaching and learning and pedagogy. All teachers are members of at least one of these teams. Teams meet to disucss organisational matters, to plan collaboratively and for professional learning. The Leaders of these teams are: English – Bree Everett, Health and Physical Education – Damien Martin, LOTE – Camellia Cseko, Mathematics – Megan Williamson, Science – Penny Ackroyd, HASS – Wendy Frost, Design Technologies – Georgie Roberts, Digital Technologies – Tim Hortle and The Arts – Cass Wilson. Bree Everett has responsibility for Literacy and Miriam MacGregor has responsibility for Numeracy, with intervention provided to support targeted students.