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Welcome to Ogilvie High School


Principal's Welcome. To Lead, To Commit, To Relate.

At Ogilvie our mission is to empower our learners to be confident, aspirational, and successful. Our values of character, community and growth guide our decisions in all aspects of life at Ogilvie. They are underpinned by the Department of Education values of aspiration, respect, courage, and growth.

We are a large urban secondary school with a healthy resource of human, finanicial and community support to best deliver outstanding learning and social outcomes to our students and their families.

 At Ogilvie my job is for us to have a clear focus on what matters most in our school to get the best out of our resources with the goal of improving learning outcomes for all.

 To achieve this and deliver on our mission statement we only have three focuses in our school that never change:

1. To deliver outstanding teaching pedagogy (Effective Teaching)
2. To constantly build a supportive school culture (Supportive Schools)
3. To connect and engage with our community (Connected Community)

It is my strong belief that in building and leading schools, that to move from good to great requires a constant balance of the above three foci at all times.

As part of building a supportive school culture the development of positive relationships is at the heart of our work with all learners both adult and student and we are committed to building a respectful, connected school. Our staff and students make a commitment to Being Safe, Being Respectful and Being a Learner, and we work with staff and students every day to meet these commitments.

Come and explore our school through our website (check out the tabs above), delve into our latest newsletter to get a feel for our school or keep up to date with our latest movements and achievements through social media on our facebook site. 

To arrange a visit or just pop in for a chat please feel free to contact the school and make an appointment to come and see me.

We look forward to your family joining our family…

Duncan Groves - Principal

Ph: 03 6228 8800

Hobart City Partner Schools Collaboration

Hobart City Partnership Schools – Project Update

I hope everyone has had a relaxing and enjoyable Term 1 break. 

As you know we now have an agreed school model in place for 2022 and beyond.  If you haven’t had a chance to look, you can find all the details at

In summary, we will commence Year 7 co-education at the Ogilvie Campus in 2022 and in 2023 we will be fully co-educational with Years 7 and 8 at the Ogilvie campus and Year 9 and 10, and some Years 11 and 12 at the New Town campus.  We will continue to provide Years 11 and 12 courses across Ogilvie, New Town and Elizabeth College.   

Having the model confirmed is a critical piece of the puzzle and we are very excited to have that decision in place as we to move into Term 2.  

Following the announcement, I wanted to provide an update on some of the important pieces of work that are either already underway or will soon be, as well as answer some of the questions that have been raised so far. 

There will be increased communications to you as we gather steam.  In the meantime, if you do have any questions or there is anything that you are particularly concerned about, please get in touch with me.   

Alternatively, there is a project email address where you can send any questions or concerns.

Branding and Identity

One of the exciting pieces of work that is about to kick off is a Branding and Identity project for our new school.  This exercise will result in a new school name/identity that reflects our agreed vision, purpose, and characteristics of our school, along with a new school logo and accompanying style guide.

The final details are still being worked out, but we are working on a process that will involve consultation with our school community - most important will be with our students and our families.   This consultation will help us capture broad feedback to develop an identity that best reflects who we are and who we want to be. 

Once we have these elements in place then we can get to work on developing further items such as a school uniform.  At this stage it is anticipated that we will start 2022 with new school uniform for Year 7s and gradually phase in the new uniform for older students over a 2-3 year period.

Stay tuned for further information shortly about how you can get involved in the design of the uniform.


Even though it was clear before, it has been reinforced through this process that our schools have proud histories of educational excellence, and deep connections within our community. 

We will be consulting about how best to continue to recognise and celebrate our past and all the things we do well and ensuring key components of tradition are embedded into the new school.   This includes things like sport houses and activities, peer support and mentoring programs, prefects and school representative councils, old scholars’ activities, and school picnics.

That history is part of who we are, and we want to build on what we already have. 


We are excited that 2022 enrolments enquiries for Year 7 students are now open and will be accepted at the Ogilvie campus. Contact the School office on 03 6228 8800 or email 

School Leadership

For 2022 we will continue to have a Principal providing school leadership on each campus of our new school.  

Teaching and Learning

There has been lots of work already within, and between, our schools on developing a common approach to teaching and learning.   

Late last term, staff from all three partner schools were able to come together and continue important planning and focused work to prepare for 2022.   Our 7 -12 way of thinking and planning was really evident across the day as we focus on providing all students with a pathway and support to achieve a Year 12 qualification, along with further learning and career options beyond.

As we have already seen with our partnership so far, one of the benefits we fully expect is that the depth and breadth of learning options will continue to increase for students. 

Our subject selection process for Year 8 -12 will commence in Term 3 this year.

Support and wellbeing

A big focus for us is to ensure we provide the right support for our student’s health and wellbeing, with our approach based on developing respectful relationships.

With that in mind work is underway on a common, consistent and best practice approach to supporting all students across the campuses.   Our Student Wellbeing Teams and Professional Support Staff are leading this work and will continue to provide crucial support as we move forward.  

Work is also underway to develop a comprehensive strategy and action plan to ensure students have a positive sense of ‘school belonging’ as we make the transition.  We will be shortly working with our combined Student Reference Group to capture their views on what matters most from a student perspective.

Building works

We have started work on essential building projects to ready both the Ogilvie and New Town campuses for 2022.  This works includes co-educational toilet facilities and refurbished general learning areas.

Our priority this year is to ready the Ogilvie campus 2021 for the new Year 7s to commence. 

Minor works will be identified for New Town to be undertaken in the first half of 2022.

We have also commenced initial planning for a larger Master Planning process to determine our facility needs across the medium and longer term.  Through this process we will plan out works that will transform our campuses into modern, vibrant learning and recreation spaces for our students.  Again, students and parent feedback will play a key role in helping to shape our facilities into the future.  We already have a great start from what we learned during the ‘Dream School’ exercise we completed last year when  students, parents and some staff told us what they thought our new school should look and feel like.

228 New Town Road
New Town TAS 7008

Phone: 03 6228 8800